Conveni: Top picks for March

My friend Claire told me she had a chip addiction and I think it’s something most of us can empathize with. Living in Japan, it’s hard to stay off the chips. I’m on the Chip Wagon most of the week, but oh boy, when the weekend arrives, it’s a chip-frenzy! Chip flakes all over the house, oily skin, salty fingernails for later . . . mmmmh chips.

I’m always skipping meals, so my best buddy is the onigiri (rice ball). So many whacked flavours to try. I found a bacon-wrapped onigiri with cheese and mayo in it! Cheezus!

Spring is a bit of a bullshit season here in Japan: I mean, it’s April now and we’re still using the bloody heater! Today I left the house with 5 layers of clothing on, reduced it to 2, then put all of them back on again and shivered my ass all the way home. Spring? I’m not feeling it. So while the ice creams look good, I haven’t really been in the mood. Coupled with the cold weather and my unpredictably explosive bowel movements . . . well let’s just say that I haven’t had an ice cream for a few months now.

And I want to try these butt-snacks, but I’m just not willing to pay the exorbitant prices!



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