Plan your trip around food

fresh sashimi in Kyushu

Sitting at my computer one afternoon in the office, I was taking a deep breath after a long day of teaching when suddenly the button of my Korean jeans shot into the air hit the screen and ricocheted off the wall. That's how I met my yoga teacher and total awesome fitness dude at Gold … Continue reading Plan your trip around food


Camping Shimanto River四万十川

rice fields in Kagawa prefecture, Shikoku island

We spent 4 days over summer camping and exploring Kochi prefecture. The first night we stayed in Kurashiki city, Okayama then crossed Awaji island the next day. We arrived in Kochi city and stayed in a hotel to eat and drink. If you're taking a train check out Hyperdia for details and don't forget you … Continue reading Camping Shimanto River四万十川

Japanese Summer: Top 5 Beaches

1. Zamami island, Okinawa Japan's far south has tropical islands that used to be a separate kingdom, Ryuku琉球. Okinawan is known for longevity, a laid-back lifestyle, scuba diving, and music. Getting there Naha is the main island and has everything you need for a quick 3-day trip. Venturing out to the smaller islands takes a … Continue reading Japanese Summer: Top 5 Beaches

Nose Town能勢町: Mt. Myoken妙見山 Hydrangea Chair Lift

chair lift for hydrangea viewing on Mt. Myoken, Nose, Osaka

About an hour from Osaka is the small town of Nose - pronounced is if it's French "no-seh." Each year in the 2nd week of June, we take the scooter and the camera tripod up to Nose to photograph the fireflies. This year I took a friend up on the train to Myoken-guchi station to … Continue reading Nose Town能勢町: Mt. Myoken妙見山 Hydrangea Chair Lift

Travel: Boathouses of Ine 伊根町

On the northern coast of Kyoto prefecture, just up from Miyazu city (map), lies the sleepy fishing village of Ine. Traditional boat houses and iridescent clear waters of the Japan sea make this small town a must-see on my list of top travel destinations in Japan. With the town's dwindling population a lot of residents … Continue reading Travel: Boathouses of Ine 伊根町