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In Japan everything centres around food. I’m surprised people aren’t fatter here. I know I certainly got pretty jibbly jubbly my first year in Osaka; no beach, heaps of fried food, no manual labour. Sitting at my computer one afternoon in the office, I was taking a deep breath after a long day of teaching when suddenly the button of my Korean jeans shot into the air hitting the screen and ricocheting around the room. That’s how I met my yoga teacher and total awesome fitness dude at Gold Medal Bodies – you saved me Ryan!

salmon sushi without the rice

sushi Osaka

Okonomiyaki restaurant wiht a full grill of okonomiyaki Hiroshima style

Okonomiyaki Hiroshima

spam rice ball, Okinawa

spam rice ball, Okinawa

Pouring sake in Kurayoshi city, Tottori

Sake, Tottori

fresh sashimi in Kyushu

sashimi, Kyushu

river soba noodles near Shimanto river, Shikoku

soba noodles, Shikoku